Each marshmallow contains 5 mg of THC to make it easy to control the dosage that’s right for you.

We believe that consumer education and self-regulation is the best way to enjoy our products safely and responsibly.  If you are new to or inexperienced with cannabis-infused edibles, we think this information below from the Cannabis Business Alliance is helpful. Once you learn how THC-infused edibles affect you personally, you can begin to set and adjust your “proper dose” as needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable edibles experience.

We use 100% premium single-origin Red Congolese sativa in our Mellows because we love the signature weightless euphoria and elation it brings.  No mish mash of random strains here. Our Red Congolese is cultivated by a master grower who has dedicated over 12 years to the art and science of caring for these plants.   

Your Mellows are happiest stored in a cool, dry place.  If you do not plan on consuming them right away, they are best kept frozen. Enjoy or freeze your Mellows by the “Best By” date on the package to guarantee freshness. Frozen Mellows will last up to 6 months without degradation in quality or potency. Allow your Mellows to come to room temperature for 5-10 minutes to get that soft, fluffy texture back.

Yes.  Our products are always lab tested to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency.  In accordance with California state regulations, every single one of our batches are tested through a third party lab, which conducts cannabinoid profiling, microbiological testing, pesticide testing, and residual solvent testing, among others, to ensure that our Mellows are pure, clean, and safe, with consistent potency and accurate dosage.

Thank you so much for your interest! We love partnering with retailers who share our passion for artisanal edibles. Please reach out through our contact form.